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How Rashi InfoTech Ltd can assist your business

Running a hotel is an extremely time consuming and involving businessdd; however the rewards can be great if managed properly. It is mandatory that the senior management be extremely effective and involved in the day to day operations of the hotel. 

Daily Menu Engineering:

Running a buffet in a hotel can be very precarious. It is important for all senior managers to be aware of the day to day costs and sales. Rashi InfoTech will ensure that quality standards are maintained for the buffet while at the same time ensuring that costings for each recipe is documented. This will help in the reduction of costs through utilizing all the resources while minimizing wastage and pilferage. 

Procurement and Stores Control:

Rashi will set up all the controls and procedures for Procurement and Stores Control, ensuring lower prices, lower stocking and less wastage. 

Procedures and Controls Manual:

Further Rashi InfoTech can carry out a study of all existing procedures and controls and document a new set of procedures and controls for the company. With the creation of a procedures and controls manual that will be tailor made for the company’s operations, the day to day running of the business will become significantly easier for all the managers of the company thereby saving costs and reducing revenue leakage for the company.

What we can do for new setups: 

  • Implementation of the entire design and fit out e.g. restaurant, kitchen, and back office 
  • Implement procedures and controls tailored to suit your business 
  • Menu engineering 
  • Costing on food and beverages to eliminate pilferage 
  • Identify good, cost effective suppliers for vegetables, meat, dry stores, dairy products, etc. 
  • Participate in recruitment of high caliber operating staff. 
  • Procedures and controls to optimize efficiency and eliminate pilferage and control costs. 
  • Assist in obtaining all approvals from regulatory authorities. 
  • Create market awareness campaigns to increase sales and create a brand for your business.

What we can do for you on an ongoing basis: 

  • Upon implementation it is advisable to ensure continuous monitoring on a monthly basis through site visits and audit to eliminate revenue leakage and control Food and Beverage costs. 
  • Evaluate existing procedures and controls and the software usage and recommend better and more efficient ways of operation, especially within restaurants and bars to control Food and Beverage costs. 
  • Continuous monitoring to reduce costs and avoid revenue leakage.

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