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Bezel Detachable and Customizable

To have CIS logo and color on a POS system is a dream for retail stores, but a challenge for manufacturers. Here comes the answer, Chameleon. Chameleon can perfectly demonstrate any enterprise’s CIS and ideally match their corporate image and décor with AdvanPOS patented “Changeable Bezel Design.” The CM-5200 enables the fanless operation which delivers the benefit of low-noise and prevents the intrusion of foreign matters.




Innovative Easy-Change Bezel

With the patented Easy-Change Bezel design, the Chameleon provides ultimate flexibility and possibility for logo and color customization, making a POS product not only functional but also easier to fit in any décor. With the patented design, customers can easily have their corporate logo and color on the POS system. This logo and color customization concept is highly accepted by our customers in the hospitality and retail industries.

Fanless and Dual Core Solutions

Chameleon provides various solutions to meet different applications and environments. CM-5200 features fan-less design which enables the energy saving and prevent the dust invasion, while the CM-5220 is designed for high performance which is powered by the latest Intel Dual Core technology

User-friendly Design for Easy Maintenance and Upgrade

Featuring the patented easy-disassembling bezel design, users can easily change the front bezel with only one hand and no need of any tools, making the maintenance easy and efficient. Additionally, Chameleon features friendly cable-less modular design so that peripheral devices can be easily connected to.

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