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protel MPE

The Multi Property Edition for hotel chains, groups and corporations

As a central property management system (PMS), protel MPE can transform even a global hotel chain into a single unit. All connected hotels access the same guest information from a central database. Data and functions are available in real time at every property. And you can reap the enormous benefits of having clean data stocks and lean business processes. The protel Multi Property Edition offers reservation, marketing and reporting in one package so you can monitor and control all your activities, revenues and reports across your entire organization. If you have difficulties in exporting extended or unlimited data to the hotel central database or another hotel due to slow internet connectivity, we also have a solution for you. Just let us know what your requirements are.

Learn about some of the main features and functionalities of protel MPE:

Protel Central Reservation System (CRS) 

  • Access the centrally stored data of other hotels 
  • Use cross-property reservation 
  • Determine availabilities in real time for all hotels 
  • Reservations are immediately posted to the central system 
  • Access all Front Office functionalities in each hotel in the network
Protel Room Type Plan 
  • Use the active room type plan to edit reservations for groups across different types and time periods 
  • Simply drag and click to reserve your guests‘ preferred room types 
  • Track your occupancy situation 
  • Keep an eye on allocations, options, waiting lists, percentage occupancy, etc 
  • Enter and edit events
Protel Guest Profile 
  • Use the protel guest profile to record your guest data 
  • Store address, reservation and revenue details 
  • Keep track of guests‘ personal preferences 
  • Access centralized unique guest data in real time 
  • Forget about manual synchronization of information
Protel Navigator 
  • Use protel Navigator as your main switchboard to  access all front office functions 
  • Pull it up at any time from a guest’s name in any list,  in the room plan or in one of many dialogs 
  • Enter and edit a guest’s personal data, reservation  and billing details 
  • Enter and edit a guest’s preferences 
  • Edit group reservations
Protel Sales Enquiry 
  • Full-featured reservation wizard 
  • Always present the optimum rates to your guests 
  • Activate the wizard by pressing any key 
  • Check the daily rates for each day of the inquiry 
  • Work with daily BAR (Best available rate)
Protel Reporting 
  • Use Protel’s integrated reporting function to get more insights into your business 
  • Track key performance indicators on reservations, revenues, occupancy and average rates 
  • Use complex analytics such as period-specific analyses of market segments 
  • Export your data into Microsoft excel for further manipulation as needed 
  • Use business intelligence functions to translate actionable information into informed action

Protel Rate Management 

  • Assign rate codes with a fine degree of granularity 
  • Use dynamic rate management to automatically optimize your average room rate 
  • Specify a particular pricing strategy for individual days, weeks or even an entire year 
  • Activate and deactivate rates automatically depending on the strategy 
  • Identify your hotel‘s current and expected occupancy, broken down by room category or individual room
Protel extensions complete your hotel management system to a perfect all-in-one hotel software solution. Many interfaces to external systems and software Add-ons are at your disposal. All functions you need are also available to you on your smartphone or tablet PC. 



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