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Rashi InfoTech Ltd. is a company incorporated in the Republic of Kenya. Rashi InfoTech provides end-to-end solutions for Restaurants, Hotels and the retail industry.

Rashi is currently the primary authorized vendor for;

  • EasiPOS Point of Sale software for Restaurants from South Africa.  Read More
  • Protel Hotel Reservations and management software from Germany. Read More
  • AdvanPOS Point of Sale Touch terminals, thermal printers and cash drawers from Taiwan. Read More
  • Restaurant Consultancy Services. Read More

These products have been created by professionals from the hospitality industry and are currently being used at thousands of well-established Restaurant and Hotel chains locally and around the world. The EasiPOS suite of products is currently being used by local well-known brands such as Gilanis Bar & Restaurant - Nakuru, Oyster Shell – Nakuru,  Monikos Bistro, The River Café,  to name a few.

Rashi InfoTech is privately owned by highly qualified professionals with experience in Software, Finance and the Hospitality industry and have the technical competence and knowledge to assist your business in the following areas: 

  • Implementation of relevant software and hardware for your hotel and/or restaurant for efficient management of your business
  • Providing strong financial and technical assistance for your business, allowing you to focus on long term strategy  
  • Providing Restaurant Consultancy Services, including comprehensive Start Up assistance 
  • Optimizing your technology to reduce cost of sales, overheads and unnecessary wastage/pilferage and finally, 
  • Helping you generate higher PROFITS

All the Directors of Rashi have been involved with various large organizations in senior management positions and therefore have the experience, foresight and required technical skills needed to assist you with your business needs.


Mr. Ramakrishnan Umesh – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Umesh, a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary by profession has over 40 years of experience in running and managing companies in the manufacturing, service, banking, agriculture, and insurance industries. He has served as an active director in several companies during his tenure. His main focus has always been on streamlining and setting up controls for various companies. He has further successfully managed to bring down costs for various companies by increasing efficiency and output. He has also been involved in the successful implementation of the opening of a chain of coffee shops around Kenya.

Mr. Sanjay U. Shreeram – Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Shreeram studied Management Information Systems with Hotel & Resort Management at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. He has further completed his Masters in Business Administration in Finance. His experience in the Food and Beverage industry in the United States of America and Kenya includes running a 400 seat restaurant serving over 1000 customers daily. In Kenya he was involved with setting up a chain of coffee shops starting from the business case right up to the actual implementation of six coffee shops. Upon implementation he was involved in ensuring cost of sales control, overheads control, approval of all purchases and general control and running of all the coffee shops. He has also been involved in various companies with the selection of back end and front end software. Other experience includes working as a consultant for a large printing and ICT company in Nairobi and preparation of an operations procedures and control manual for the organizations. He also has experience in clearing and freight forwarding and transport industries.

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