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protel Smart

Reservation software for small and mid-market hotels

For protel Smart we have tailored our internationally proven premium software solution protel SPE to fit the needs of small and mid-market hospitality providers. It is an attractive package with great pricing, ease of use and functionality. protel Smart is not only a reservation software, it is an invaluable helper for all processes you encounter in your hotel management business. Manage your rooms, process reservations, issue invoices with ease - and gain the time you need to give your guests truly personal service. With protel Smart, you’ll enjoy mature technology that is easy to implement. The basic version is designed for hotels with up to 30 rooms and one computer workstation. For larger hotels, protel Smart can easily scale to up to 60 rooms and three workstations.

Some of the main features and functionalities:

Protel Room Plan

  • Reserve rooms for individual travellers or groups
  • Change bookings or move guests to different rooms
  • Access the guest profiles to enter or edit guest data
  • Check/edit the room status, block/unblock rooms
  • Scroll through the calendar to see previous and coming months

Protel Guest Profile

  • Organize all guest data on clearly structured tabs
  • Customize the guest profile to record guest data as needed
  • Define which guest data should be mandatory
  • Enter individual guest preferences or whishes
  • Add specific information with ‘user defined fields

Protel Navigator

  • Find all information and data entry features you need in your front office at a glance
  • Directly access all data associated with a particular guest
  • View and enter a guest’s personal data
  • View and edit the details of a reservation
  • View all notes recording your guest‘s special requests

Protel Reporting

  • Find all reports you need to keep track of your business
  • How many guests are staying at your hotel? What countries are they from?
  • How many checked in today? How many checked out? What rooms still need to be cleaned?
  • How high are your revenues, and what bills are still outstanding?


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